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Doctor Forefront

Doctor Forefront is a messagging software that allows companies to unify and share e-mail, contacts, calendar, and more within the same interface.

D.M. / Messaging Center

It facilitates multimedia integration and traceability of information with customers and suppliers; it creates DEM and newsletter, send SMS. It is integrated with Skype and allow you to send documents with Word, keeping a complete record of the mailings.

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D.M. / Backup Agent

Backup Agent secures corporate data, rearranges them and allows you to automate backup copies. Designed to maximize fault tolerance of corporate infrastructure, it ensures the differentiation of backups for an enterprise class result.

Doctor Broadcaster

Dedicated to the world of dubbing and dialogue writers, Doctor Broadcaster plays video with precision of movement to a single frame, alignment with the timecode and instant steps. Works in full compatibility with Microsoft Word, allowing you to view and edit scripts directly from preview pane.

Doctor Cartoon

The animation production in 2D and 3D: Doctor Cartoon oversees all aspects of production, archiving of background, cataloging of characters, props, lip stills. With innovative features of dynamic storyboard and production tracking, projects and shooting times are always under control.

Doctor Casting Director

Essential tool for casting direction, Doctor Casting Director has a staff database with physical, aesthetic and anthropometric researches. Casting composer allows you to add, option or move sequences, and print production reports.

Doctor HomeTech

Born for home automation and home entertainment applications, Doctor HomeTech has subsequently evolved for the management of complex industrial infrastructure, regulated by access control, sensors and PLC. The system can automate industrial platforms with use and integration of scanners, magnetic stripe, RFID or biometric systems, coordinating the interaction between devices.

Doctor Environment

Project initially designed for login security, Doctor Environment is now a tool for IT developers (SDK) and core component of other software of ours. With innovative operating techniques, Doctor Environment preceded by more than five years user authentication methods commonly used nowadays.

Top Projects



Puresport is a leading company in sports driving courses on racetracks with single-seater cars and GT cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini; The site allows individuals and companies to configure autonomously his own driving experience and to purchase it on-line by credit card or PayPal.

Top Projects

i 4 mariani


I4Mariani, furniture manufacturers with a long tradition, have collaborated with world-class architects to construction of large solutions for residential and receptivity. Their website shows the innovative graphics, that allows optimal viewing of their achievements, and also the breadth of photographic and multimedia material.

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Erba s.r.l. is a company operating since 1958 in furnishing sector. The website is based on a minimal fullscreen system of product presentation that combines a system of browsable catalogs completely cross-device, cross-browser. The main website is connected to few single-product websites that follow a similar line.

Top Projects

breathing agenzia


Breathing is field marketing agency, specialized in ambient and alternative channels of communication; they work not only on sampling activities and promotional tours, but also on hostessing activities and events for companies. Their website shows, as well as for its aesthetic feature, the large presence of photographic material of events and sharing tools on social networks.

Top Projects

ab alfabetic


ABAlfabetic Android

ABalfabetic is the brand new multi-platform instant messaging for Android and Apple devices, which allows you to send and receive messages with your phone contacts. Simple graphics to 3 levels of security of the conversations, for total privacy, dedicated and encrypted channels for the exchange of data, integration with the address book of your device. Data archiving totally on Cloud platform.


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